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Nail of the day - Or shall I say Nail of the week - Zoya and Essence

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nail of the day - Or shall I say Nail of the week - Zoya and Essence

So as I have begun purchasing nail polishes that are 3Free I felt the need to check out the Zoya line. Recently Zoya had a buy one get one free sale on their website and I dragged my feet in ordering that I missed the sale.  The day after the sale ended I went to Ulta and it just so happened that the Zoya polishes were buy two get one free.  Not as great as the buy one get one but at least I didn't have to pay shipping so it may have balanced out some.  In any event, one of the Zoya colors I picked up was a beautiful mauve pink called Pandora.  The color stands beautifully on it's own, however, that same trip to Ulta I swung by the Essence set up and saw this adorable color called Space Queen that I picked up.  I decided to pair the two colors up, Pandora as a base and Space Queen on top and voila! A gorgeous and fun combination.  It's a shame, the picture does the nail look no justice.  It doesn't capture the rainbow flecks of glitter that sparkle everywhere.  I did notice that the essence polish went on a little thick.  I didn't mind too much, since it was a glitter top I figured the overall final texture would probably be hidden by the glitter.  And at $.99 for an essence polish you can't complain-and they are 3Free!

I love this look! It's a neutral but fun look!

FYI-I applied the color on Wednesday night and it's Sunday and is not showing much sign of wear :) yay!  What are your favorite polishes of the moment?

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