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NOTD-Zoya Jules and Zoya Color Lock First Impressions

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Pixiemama5000: NOTD-Zoya Jules and Zoya Color Lock First Impressions

Friday, December 30, 2011

NOTD-Zoya Jules and Zoya Color Lock First Impressions

I have been obsessed with Zoya nail polish lately.  I love the fact that Zoya is a 4 Free nail polish-free of  toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor.  I was fortunate enough to participate in a few of the Flash Promos that Zoya was having through Twitter.  One of the deals that I was able to snag was a free mini Color Lock System.  The Color Lock System is a 5 step system that is supposed to "Put perfect nail color on lock down." The five steps include the Zoya Remover, Anchor Basecoat, Zoya Nail Polish, Armor Topcoat & UV Block and the Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops.  This is my first time using the system and I wish I could say that I love it, however, just as a first impression I have to say that I am not too impressed.  It is so rare that I get bubbles in in my nail polish, however, I noticed that the consistency of the Jules nail polish was thin and with my nail beds being so long I made sure I grabbed a healthy amount on nail polish on my brush to avoid having to dip twice into the bottle to polish each nail.  I am assuming this is what may have caused some of the bubbling.  Well, I ended up getting bubbles on my nails :(  The speed drops are supposed to eliminate bubbles-didn't live up to this claim.

You can't see the bubbles from the photo, however, they are there.  As well, I love the high gloss that Seche Vite top coat left, however, I had to give that top coat up because it was a not a 3Free polish.  I have since then replaced it with Deborah Lippman's Addicted to Speed Top Coat and have found that it leaves that similar high gloss coat that Seche Vite does.  I wish I could say that Zoya's top coat performed the same, however, it didn't.  I was a little disappointed and may try the base and top coat separately to see if my opinion changes by using them individually.

Now the color Jules was highly impressive.  I absolutely love this color more than I thought I would.  It boasts a soft gold/taupe color with a subtle shimmer.  It really looks luxurious on my nails I just wish I could speak more highly of the Color Lock System.  Here are some pictures below.  What is your favorite Zoya color?


 Zoya Mini Color Lock System

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At January 12, 2012 at 8:40 AM , Blogger Amanda Lehrke said...

Aww man that's too bad you didn't like the Color Lock least you got it for free? Haha I'm looking for another top coat to replace my Seche Vite as well...still haven't found one!

At January 13, 2012 at 1:06 AM , Blogger Pixiemama5000 said...

I will try the system again but man, it seems like a lot of steps and I don't think my polish lasted any longer than normal lol...


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